2013 0618 – Hickory Grove Sprint Triathlon

Executive Summary:

Race Priority:    C
Race Execution:   A-

Time              Dist       Time     Stats      Notes
Swim             500y*   0:07:27    Link    A good swim for me.
T1                              0:00:49              Solid transition
Bike               15.5mi  0:40:22    Link   A good ride overall.
T2                               0:01:18             Another good transition.
Run                 3.1mi   0:23:29    Link  Not a great run.
Total                            1:12:40

* The swim time includes about a 1/10 mile run uphill to transition.  I believe the course was short of the intended 500 yards.


  • Ironman Perform in my water bottle, watered down to 140 cals.
  • Kashi bar and honey stinger waffle 3 hours before the race.


  • What went well:  My tentativeness on the bike improved a bit, and I hit the corners fairly aggressively.  Overall a good time for me, beating my time 3 years ago by more than 5 minutes.  Always fun to win your AG, and cool to finish 6th overall.
  • What could have gone better:  My run wasn’t up to par.  I didn’t feel like I could get into a good stride/pace in the off road section.
Race Report Commentary:
        It was a good day to be racing.  The weather was good, with temps at 73 and wind from the North at 7mph.  The only downside was the humidity was 81%.  I knew there weren’t a lot of people in my age group racing, and thought I had a good chance to sneak out an AG win.
        Overall I had a good swim.  I raced a little too hard getting to the first buoy, but I wanted to clear the traffic.  This did help as traffic was not a problem during the swim.  I paid for it a bit with a little hypoxia and tingling legs shortly thereafter, and got passed a couple of times getting to the second buoy.  I came out of the water around 6:40, which is way ahead of my targeted time.  Based on the map data and my times, I’d estimate the actual course length at about 440 yards for this race, and my pacing somewhere around 1:30/100.
        T1 went well, with no issues getting my wetsuit off.  Hickory Grove uses the same area for bike in/out, and I had a spot in the first rack, so I had very little distance to push my bike.
        I had a good ride overall.  For those who have not done Hickory Grove, it’s a three loop bike course, translating to a total of fourteen 90 degree corners, three U turns, and a few small hills along the way.  I was targeting my bike watts at around 250.  This went great during my first two loops, but I faded a little in the last loop.  Looking at my bike data (ignoring the areas where I was running with the bike near T1/T2) my AP was 245 watts and NP 250 watts, translating into an average pace of 23.7 mph.  I still do have some fear of falling, as my body is still far from 100% after my accident.  I did well at being aggressive in the 90’s, particularly the corner at the bottom of the hill, which goes uphill afterwards.  The slowest I took this corner was 25.3, which felt like a little victory for me.  I’m still not 100% over my fear though, as I crouched down but didn’t feel comfortable staying in aero going down the hill when I’d get over about 35 mph.
        T2 went well with no issues.  I had battled another guy back and forth on the bike, passing him a final time right before entering the park.  I beat him out of T2 by about 10 seconds, and didn’t see him again.
        The run wasn’t great.  It starts off downhill on gravel and changes to grass.  Sometimes running downhill I get side aches… and it happened in the race as well.  I was really focusing on keeping my footing and avoiding the mud, again with some fear of falling.  I just didn’t feel like I could get into a groove in the grass.  I looked forward to pouring some water on my head at the aid station, as it felt really humid.  I yelled water three times… and got handed gatorade.  I felt a little better on the asphalt and my side ache backed off a little.  When I got to the next aid station I again yelled water three times and actually stopped… and they dropped it trying to hand it to me.  Oh well, I decided it wasn’t worth waiting for another try.  The last mile is a combination of grass, gravel, asphalt and some trail running at the end.  Looking at the data, it’s clear the non-ashalt areas hurt my cadence and pacing.  Overall my pacing was 7:25 a mile… about what I typically do for a 10k run at an Olympic length event.
        Putting everything together I finished 6/117 overall and 1/47 in my age group.  I always enjoy this race, as it is where I did my first triathlon in 2007 (1:35:22).

Overall I was happy with the race, and it was great to see a lot of Tri Racers and their families out on the course.


Someone told me I need a Star Trek uniform on as I look like Spock in this picture…

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