2013 0602 Pigman Sprint Triathlon

Executive Summary:

Race Priority:    C
Race Execution:   B

Time              Dist       Time     Stats      Notes
Swim             547y     0:08:34    Link    A good swim for me.
T1                              0:02:08              Could do better
Bike               15.5mi  0:43:11    Link    A bit timid ride for me.
T2                               0:01:18              Could be better
Run                 3.1mi   0:22:28    Link    Side aches, pushed through.
Total                            1:17:41


  • Ironman Perform in my water bottle, watered down to 140 cals.  
  • Hammer bar and honey stinger waffle 3 hours before the race.


  • What went well:  Felt good to return to racing again, after my accident.  Swim felt good, I got through traffic well.
  • What could have gone better:  I’m still a bit timid on my bike.  I wasn’t comfortable riding aero going down hills with the crosswind, in areas where the road was bumpy and inside the park with the high traffic.   Besides not being aero, I wasn’t pushing my power in these areas either.
  • What I learned:  I shouldn’t run my wheel cover with winds over 15 mph.  I need to step up my transitions and my running to be more competitive in sprints.  I also need to push my bike wattage harder in steady state areas to compensate for areas where power drops off (turns, in/out transitions, etc.).
Race Report Commentary:
        It was exciting and fun to be racing again.  The pigman sprint is a time trial start for the age groupers, and the 40 to 49 year old started in the very last wave.  I started about 10 to 15 people from the very back of the race.
        The weather wasn’t ideal… low 50’s and a 15 to 18 mph wind, with gusts 22+.  The water temp was reported to be 64 degrees.  The worst part of the weather was simply trying to stay warm until the start of the race.  I was very stylish in my flip flops,  white socks and wetsuit.  🙂
        The swim went well for me.  The water was clear enough I could see bubbles from the people in front of me, so I was able to pass without too much contact (I’m still really careful with my damaged wrists).  I concentrated on keeping my cadence up, and trying not to shorten my stoke.  My swim improved during the Tri class this year, and it showed with my 1:34 pacing (thanks Joe, Tess & Tami).  I was 96/612 overall in the swim and 7/47 in my age group.
        T1 was felt fine.  I struggled a little getting out of my wetsuit with my damaged right hand.  Our bikes were right before the transition exit, so I had a short run with my bike.  I hopped on my bike (no flying mount), but no issues either.  In retrospect, I need to run a bit faster in T1… and move with a little more urgency.  I was 47th overall and 2nd in T1 within my AG.
        Once I started pedaling I reached down and put on my shoes.  Again it took a couple of tries on my right side, as my feeling and dexterity are poor with my right hand.  No big deal.  What was a big deal was the crosswind.  I had left my back wheel cover on and the wind was pushing me all over the road at times.  I kept thinking that I couldn’t afford to take a fall… so I spent most of the first three miles only riding aero intermittently.  Once I got on the flat the winds were more predictable and I got back into a rhythm, averaging 236 watts, running just over 32 mph (with a tailwind).  Once we turned back around at Palo we were going into the wind and gradually uphill again.  I’ve found in doing TT’s that the best place for me to differentiate my time is going into the wind, so this was an area I wanted to push harder.  Going back into the wind I averaged around 19 mph at 252 watts.  At the final turn we went back with the wind, but climbed back up to the park averaging 25 mph at 240 watts.  Once back into the park, traffic was really high and passing became very difficult since there were bikes and runners on the road at the same time.  My last 2 miles were less than 18 mph at 184 watts.  My overall average was 240 watts at 21.6 mph… I underestimated how much time I’d spend with low power getting in and out of the park.  With the low temps, I only drank about 12 oz of my diluted IM perform.  I was 33rd overall with my ride and 4th in my age group.
        T2 was okay.  Traffic was high and I had a 25 year old ram me with his bike in the leg while trying to pass me… while I was passing someone else.  The guy next to me who checked in late to transition prior to the start of the race squeezed his bike in and put his bike right over my running stuff.  I think I’m starting to get old and crabby as I was frustrated coming out of T2.  I was 140th in T2 overall and 9th in my age group.
        At the end of the bike, I realized my Garmin watch had stopped during T1 (must have hit it getting my wetsuit off).  Coming out of T2 I kept messing with my watch to get it going again… so my data from the link above is a bit short.  I started the run with a side ache.  It persisted for about a 1/2 mile.  My target was to be less than 7:15 average.  Overall the run started downhill and with the wind, which was nice to settle down after the ride.  (It wasn’t as much fun on the way back.)  There were a few small hills and it’s a down and back course.  I felt the oxygen was more important than water, so I didn’t drink on the run (didn’t want to interrupt my breathing).  With about a half mile to go I got passed by a guy in my age group.  I tried to hang with him, with the idea I’d try to pass at the end.  Of course as I picked it up so did he… and we did the last 1/4 mile at a 5:30 pace… me wondering if I would throw up crossing the line.  Fortunately for everyone around the finish line, I managed to hold on to my stomach contents.  I ended up 109th overall and 11th in my age group, at a 7:14 pace.
        Putting everything together I finished 48/612 overall and 5/47 in my age group.  My takeaways were:
  • I need to ditch the wheel cover on windy days.
  • If it looks like there are a lot of slow areas or corners, I need to push the straight areas harder to keep my average watts up.
  • I need to pick up my transition times.  Tami’s transitions were 39 seconds faster than mine.
  • In the long run, I need to pick up my running to be more competitive.  Most of the people around my time are doing 7:00 or less.

Overall, it was great to be racing again.  I really appreciated the support of Steve, Jamey and Tami at the race.



Jamey’s Pig was way better than mine, as it was for 3rd place and mine only 5th place…


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