IM CDA Logistics

Rental property:

  • 2026 Bellerive Lane, Couer D’Alene Idaho
  • Thoughts:  This place was great.  It is a 4 bedroom townhouse, with one of the bedrooms being an “in-law” suite above the garage.  We stayed in the in-law suite, and the rest of the family (parents, sister-in-law, daughter, etc.) stayed in the main house.  The house sits on the river and has a great deck with a good view of the sunset.  The community is quiet, and is a block from the bike trail, making it easy to get your pre-race bike and runs in.  It is only 1.6 miles (via trail) from the townhouse to the IM transition site.  The house is nicer than what you see in the pictures.
  • For swims or to drop off transition bags, you can simply go to the beach near the downtown for swimming.  I found it easiest to park in the South East section of the North Idaho College parking lot.  It was generally empty.  Note that you must have a residential sticker to park in the residential areas near the City Park, where the transition / expo is located.  This is not needed for the North Idaho College lot.
  • For race day, I parked on North “A” Street, just north of the City Park, one block West of Government Way.  You can access this via 95 to Lincoln Way (to the West) and not be blocked in by the bike route.  This leaves you only about 3 or 4 blocks to walk, and makes it easy to get your car after the race.  Residential stickers are not required in this area.
  • My family viewed the bike section from Government way.  They parked near “A” street (as mentioned above) and then sat on the center median.  This gives them the view of the bikes coming up and returning.
  • My family viewed the run section from East Mullen Ave. at around 20th Street.  There was plenty of grassy area on the South side of the road to set up chairs or to sit and spectate.

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