Hy-Vee 5150 090411

Executive Summary:

Race Priority:    B
Race Execution:   A-

Time              Dist       Time     Stats      Notes
Swim             1650y    28:52    Link      A good swim for me.
T1                  0.32mi  3:22                    No issues, just physically long transition.
Bike 15.5m    24.9mi  1:06:45  Link      Targeted 240 watts, actual 226 watts.  Good overall.
T2                   0.16mi                             Again, through without problems
Run 2.0M       6.2mi    45:52     Link       A good run, better than anticipated.
Total                            2:26:43


  • GU / water about 20 minutes before the race.
  • Ironman Perform in my water bottle, 210 cals.  One GU (100 cals) at the beginning of the bike.
  • Just water at the aid stations on the run (most went on my head).


  • What went well:  Swim felt good,
  • What could have gone better:  I could have run a little lower power at the first third of the bike, and pushed a bit more in middle and end of the ride to even my power out a bit more.  Maybe could have squeezed a few more watts out of my legs.
  • What I learned:  I got passed my another guy in my AG with about 1/4 mile to go.  He blew by me going down hill before we hit the final hill.  After the race he confessed that he had followed me for about a mile and didn’t have much left.  He decided to pass on the downhill, and tried to act like he had more energy than he did… as he didn’t think he could pass me going up hill.  It worked… I didn’t think I could catch him and I didn’t.  I learned that things aren’t always as they seem… and the other guy may be feeling as badly as I am at the time.
Race Report Commentary:
This was only my second Olympic length triathlon.  My first was at Hy-Vee in 2009, under a different course.  I was just under 2:48 overall in my first try at Hy-Vee, with an astonishingly slow 43 minute swim.  I felt like I was in better shape this year, and expected a significant improvement in time.  I felt if it was not wetsuit legal I’d be in about 2:34 and with a wetsuit at 2:29.  I really wanted to be under 2:30, and was hoping mother nature would cooperate.  On Friday before the race the water temp was 83 degrees.  Saturday it was cloudy, low 70’s, and rained intermittently all day.   Optimistically I though my wetsuit in with me when I left for the race on Sunday.  I was pleasantly surprised to hear them announce that the water temperature had dropped to 75 degrees and wetsuits were allowed for the race.  They used a time trial start, so the swim wasn’t too congested.  As always, I took a couple of shots to the head, but overall the swim went well.  I kept pacing fairly well and didn’t swim too far off line.  They had me at 1:44/100, which was about what I had planned (actually I was assuming 1:40/100, but 5% more in distance, which works out about the same).  I was shown as 211th in the swim out of the field (1172 including relays).
Starting near the back of the field (3rd wave from the back), the run to transition was muddy and slippery, so I stayed with an easy jog.  The transition itself was very long and my bike was at the complete other end… so I had to run the full length with my bike… both ways.  I didn’t have any issues in T1.
Once on my bike, I targeted 240 watts, but noticed I was spiking over 300 during the first few miles as I was climbing hills and passing the crowd.  After I settled in, I pulled back a little, worried I had pushed a little too hard too early.  I was then able to keep a steady pace around 220 to 230 watts.  The course had quite a few corners and 4 or 5 sets of RR tracks, so there were several areas where I was not pedaling, dropping my power average.  Overall I was happy with my ride.  I may have been able to even my power distribution slightly, but I did spent a lot of time passing people on the bike, and nobody passed me.  I ended up in 71st overall on the bike portion, out of 1172.
T2 again went fine.  It was a bit congested, as I had made up enough ground on the bike that I was coming in around the Relay groups.  No problems overall.
I started out on the run and ran into a friend who asked me what I was targeting in the run.  I told him 7:30 – 7:40, and he debated trying to stay with me.  He looked at his watch and said… “How come we’re at about 7:00/mile?”  I pulled back a bit, but he dropped back after a few tenths.  With the out and back I was able to see some others from my Tri group, as well as other people behind me that I knew.  I tried to catch those in front of me… and keep my other friends behind me… so I had motivation to keep moving.  My legs felt good during the run, but I did have some cardiac arrhythmia about midway, where my heart beat fluttered and went up and down between 140 and 188 bpm.  This wasn’t my monitor, but an issue I have occasionally with my heart… but typically not when I’m racing.  It slowed me a little for a few minutes, but it recovered and I pushed on.  Again, I felt like I was passing quite a few people, and I believe I was passed by about 6 or 7 people on the run, not including relay people.  Unfortunately two were in my age group, and one at the end as mentioned above.  I felt good about my run overall, I don’t think I had much more in me.  The stats had me at 203/1172 for my run
Overall I was very happy with the results.  I beat my previous time by just over 21 minutes, with the majority coming from the swim (14 minutes) but also picked up 4 minutes in my bike and run.  I finished 84th out of 992 age groupers, and 12/81st in my division.  Being a geek, I pulled all the data, and calculated that I passed about 530 people during the race, and got passed by only one person (all but one person who passed me on the run had been passed by me on the bike).  I don’t think I had a lot more in me in the race, which was a good way to finish the season… no regrets.

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