Hickory Grove Duathlon 082811

Executive Summary:

Race Priority:    C
Race Execution:   A

Time          Rate       Stats         Notes
Run 1.1m      7:30.3        6:58/mi   Link          Targeted 7:00 min/mi, right on target
T1                  43.8                                           Got through with no issues
Bike 15.5m    39:57.1     23.1mph  Link         Targeted 250 watts ave, did 246.
T2                  49.6                                           Again, through without problems
Run 2.0M       15.06.9     7:07/mi    Link         Actually 2.1 miles.  A good run for me.


  • GU / water about 30 minutes before the race.
  • Ironman Perform in my water bottle, 210 cals.


  • What went well:  Some of my most aggressive and best race pacing to date.
  • What could have gone better:  I can’t think of anything I’d change.
  • What I learned:  My coach suggested two key things for this race.  The first was to hold back on the first mile.  I was going to target 6:30, and she suggested mile one was more of a warmup.  The second was an aggressive target of 250 watts on the bike.  I was able to push more watts than I have ever done in a Tri, and still had legs to run.
Race Report Commentary:
This was the 5 year anniversary of my first Triathlon, which I did at this race in 2007 (previously called the Cy-man).  They changed this from a Tri to a Duathlon at the last minute, due to high E. Coli levels.  I looked over who had signed up, and though I had a chance at an Age Group top 3.  I noticed that some where better runners than I was, so I knew I’d have to really push the bike to get an AG position.  Although a 250 watt bike target seemed really agressive to me, the experience I had in my Time Trials suggested I should be able to do this and still have something left for the run.  Since this was near the end of the season, there didn’t seem to be anything to lose by really pushing hard and seeing what happened in my run.  The plan worked great, and I was truly surprised how my run went.  My legs were tired, but my cardio held up and I negative split the run.  I ended up first in my AG, 25th out of 330+ people racing.  Besides feeling good about the race, I ended up winning a new Trek Tri bike, courtesy of Bike World of Ames.  It will be tough to top this race day!

PS… The Tri bike will end up being my wife / daughter’s bike… I had committed before the race if I had won it would go to them.


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