I’ve often been called a “numbers” guy*.  It’s true that I do look at numbers a lot and it, both professionally as a business leader and as a geeky triathlete in my spare time.  But, I don’t obsess over absolute numbers themselves, but rather use numbers to help me understand situations, set goals and evaluate execution of plans.  The key is to be able to understand which numbers are important, so you can turn raw data into useful information, which should in turn help you reach your goals.

My intent is to create a series of blog pages to share my thoughts on “Ramblings About Numerical Things [or my RANT 🙂 ] on a particular topic and why.  I’ll try to keep the “geekery” to a minimum, using references for those that are interested in additional detail.  Here are my thoughts on the following (hyperlinked topics are complete, non-hyperlinked are planned future topics):

  • Ricky Bobby wants to go faster – Why small changes in bike speed can have a significant impact on your body in long course racing.
  • Physics doesn’t play nice with triathletes – Using online models to demonstrate the impact of wind and hills on biking / running.
  • Don’t Sweat hydration… the math is simple.
  • Long course pacing
  • Modeling bike power / speed (a simplified method to the online calculators).
  • Turning bike power into speed (aerodynamics)
  • Performance testing
  • Wellness
  • Managing weight

* For a little further understanding why the numbers matter to me… on Meyers Briggs personality profile, for better or worse I’m an INTJ (Introvert, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging).  Here are typical characteristics for the 2% of the population that falls into this category:



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