The AlterG treadmill has been a great recovery tool for me, allowing me to use running as part om my rehabilitation for my ankle / broken fibula.  Normally I wouldn’t be able to start running for about 12 weeks based on my injuries.  The AlterG allows you to walk or run with only a fraction of your normal body weight, so I was able to jog/run as part of my recovery process.

You wear neoprene shorts (sort of like bike shorts) that are zipped into an air bladder.  The treadmill weighs you and then fills the bladder with air.  You dial in your percentage of your body weight, and the AlterG pumps in more aire to lift you up to reduce the weight on your legs.  You can then set your speed and incline like a normal treadmill.

The treadmill has a video feed with normal cable channels, or if you are a geek like me, you can watch one of three video feeds of your foot strike from front, rear, or side.

If you are in the Des Moines area and want to check out the AlterG, attached is a coupon for a free trial.  You do not have to be a patient to utilize the AlterG, you can buy a coupon book for it and just schedule your time.  You could aslo use it as a tool for marathon or long course Tri recovery.  Again, I get no benefit from recommending the AlterG, it’s just been a good tool to help my recovery.


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